Daimien Lomas

Daimien Lomas

Daimien Lomas

Bachelor of Applied Science Architecture, M Arch


Daimien is a productive and innovative young professional, who has a passion for residential design and has extensive experience in private and multi-unit residential projects.


Daimien’s knowledge of architecture is well grounded, having a Master of Architecture as well as previously being employed as a contractor for seven years. Residential design and connecting with individual clients remain as Daimien’s strong interests.

He has an eye for detail and particularly enjoys maximising small spaces and finding the most efficient solutions for them. His balanced and measured communication style means he can listen well to clients, hear their aspirations and deliver to a high level of creativity that meets their needs.


As a boy Daimien could often be found drawing house plans and re-configuring spaces. Design is in his nature.

Daimien’s calm, composed and level headed nature meant he was appreciated in his employment as a Ward Clerk in the Emergency Department at Calvary Hospital while he studied and for some years after. Outside of work Daimien loves to spend time with his family, fish and ride his motor bike.