Christ Church Hawker – Multi-Purpose Centre

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Project Brief

The community of Christ Church Hawker operate out of a single large church space that serves all meeting purposes including Sunday worship, mid-week meetings, social and other activities. In recent years a very successful regular Coffee Op-Shop event has also grown, including the need for larger storage capacity between events. It was therefore decided to pursue a cost effective addition to the church that would offer multi-purpose spaces for various users including the Coffee-Op-Shop.

SQC Architecture’s solution

The new building provides a range of multi-use spaces that will serve church activities, youth and children’s ministries, community events and offers generous storage. The detached two storey building is connected by a large deck that provides a useful outdoor social space that will be particularly pleasant in favourable weather. In response to the sloping site, a large additional multi-purpose space has also been achieved at the lower level.

The building does not attempt to match the strong architectural language of the original church. Being complementary in function and style, the selection of materials and colour is more casual and cost effective. Energy efficiency inclusions are thoughtful passive solar orientation of the main meeting spaces and deck, double glazed windows, energy efficient skylights and a water storage tank.

Client comment/ testimonial

Ric and his ever friendly team have been instinctively sensitive to the particular needs of a church community, and to the interactive process clients such as ourselves need to go through in refining thinking and plans, and securing our community ‘buy in’.

Rev Patrick Cole


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