Compass Fertility

  • ISIS Fertility Clinic 1
  • ISIS Fertility Clinic 2
  • ISIS Fertility Clinic 3

Project Brief

The Egyptian fertility goddess “Isis” formed the client’s inspiration for this medical fit out. The royal blues and sandy gold colors of ancient temples and palaces make up this rich and dramatic scheme.
Feature panels of papyrus and Perspex were used to create unique privacy screens.


Curved elements give the interior a sense of intimacy and movement. Concealed lighting throughout helps to soften and inspire. The feel of the fit out is that of a living room and not that of a waiting room. This puts couples at ease and allows them to relax which assists with the success rate of the fertility clinic.

Client comment/ testimonial

“…They actually design something that suits your needs. The problem with architects is that they design some ridiculous thing that cost a fortune that isn’t what you asked for in the first place. These guys get what you’re on about. They absorb the information you give them. They’re very efficient, tidy and sensible... They follow through. They were happy to meet at 7.00 am for breakfast often. It was quite early and cuts into the family time but they were very happy to do that to get the job done right…”

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