Dennis Davison Meeting Place

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Project Brief

The brief required a gazebo in which hospice residents of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent could pass away, in the open air. Covered access was required and the structure needed to blend naturally into the environment with a degree of discretion and privacy. Wheelchair and relatively smooth bed access was considered essential.

A consultative design process included the manager of Clare Holland House and a representative of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. A large mural was also to be included, prepared by a group of young people under the artistic direction of Dale Huddleson, an aboriginal artist who has prepared many other large public artworks in the ACT region.


The gazebo and associated works offered a simple shelter built of natural materials with a combination of adjustable and fixed screening to three sides, leaving the north side open to the sun. Materials include recycled timber posts and ceiling, durable hardwood beams and screens, and clay roof tiles to match the hospice building. A pebble finish pathway connects the gazebo to a playground that gives ready entry into Clare Holland House.

Generously proportioned timber corner seats were provided to enable family members and friends to sit comfortably. Space allows for loose chairs as well as the resident’s bed. Screens comprise hardwood battens fixed horizontal with a decorative screen of diagonal battens adding a whimsical touch.

Harris Hobbs Landscape Architects, provided a sensitive contribution to the Gazebo surrounds ensuring a harmonious landscape relationship.

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