Evatt Gardens – Multi-Unit Development

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  • Evatt Gardens- Multi-Unit Development 2
  • Evatt Gardens- Multi-Unit Development 3
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  • Evatt Gardens- Multi-Unit Development 5
  • Evatt Gardens- Multi-Unit Development 6
  • Evatt Gardens- Multi-Unit Development 7

Project Brief

Originally designated for commercial mixed use, this project delivers 18 high quality apartments with secure basement car parking. It maintains the character of the established neighbourhood, preserves mature eucalypt trees around the boundary and enhances the streetscape around Evatt shops.


As with all SQC Architecture apartment designs, the Evatt Gardens apartments feature generously dimensioned “liveable” balconies, carefully planned internal layouts, spacious kitchens and bathrooms within an overall concept that respects individual privacy and security, and provides a good sense of street address. All resident parking is contained within the secure basement level carpark. Upper floors apartments catch localised views across the established trees and gardens of Evatt.

The building provides an address to all streets, avoiding any ‘back of building’ facing any frontage. General articulation in the building form and balconies in rectilinear and curved forms with a combination of solid panels with glazed infills break up the facades and enhance the liveability of the generous sized balconies.

The roof is a relatively simple hip form with gable treatments used to add interest, identify features and present a sense of address to the street frontages. The McClure Place entry is the main entry point of the development and has been enhanced to reflect this.

Over 50% of the apartments are designed to allow continuing occupancy into old age, allowing residents to stay in their own home rather than face the cost and disruption of shifting house. Termed “adaptable housing” and certified to Australian Standard AS4299, these designs allow continued occupancy with lift access to all levels including the basement carpark, large doorways, generous internal spaces and larger bathrooms that are reinforced to allow for grabrails and other living aids to be readily installed when needed. Immediate benefits are the generous living spaces, the lift and other sensible design features often lacking in other housing.

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