Krevatin House

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Project Brief

Livi and Jennifer Krevatin had the vision to create their family residence on a residential lot in Michelago. The lot provided a beautiful natural setting at the foot of the Brindabellas. The brief was to create a modern structure that complements the land, provides amenity to live, entertain and work. The use of natural materials and visual connection to the outdoors was paramount. SQC Architecture was engaged for the initial sketch design.


SQC Architecture approach the project was very rational. The site was investigated, the client’s requirements were analysed and a unique and strong design intent emerged. The building was cut in half by a dominant natural stone wall that not only visually leads the eye to the entrance, but also separates the distinct functions of the house. This wall is dominant in its geometry as it literally sticks through the whole building, but it also grounds the building and ties it in with the natural setting. It forms the red string that leads you through the house.

Client comment/ testimonial

" Situated on 40 acres of bush land at the base of the Tinderry Mountains, the home appears at once to be an unparalleled architectural feature that seamlessly fits in its natural surroundings. Natural materials are integrated into the home and make it part of the mountains. A five metre natural stonewall is the spine of the home, running from the front of the house, through the centre and then out the back. All rooms emanate from this wall and it provides the backdrop for many other features.”

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