Queanbeyan City Council Riverside Café

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Project Brief

Queanbeyan City Council sought to encourage access and enjoyment of the underutilised Queanbeyan River riverside environment. This would activate the community use and provide another feature to the public spaces around the city.

Notwithstanding the benefits of the riverside location, the site would be subject to periodic high level flooding and must account for risk of water damage or flood debris. Creative response to this risk was required as part of the architectural solution.


The Riverside Cafe added another facet to the existing arts society gallery on the south bank of the Queanbeyan River. The Cafe/Kiosk proposal comprised an internal kiosk, outdoor seating area with deck overlooking the river and a pergola connecting the arts society gallery and existing public washroom facilities. The major design constraint that influenced the Cafe/Kiosk proposal was the requirement for the cafe to be a removable structure subject to river flood events. The cafe is of a modest scale with its base construction being from three converted shipping containers for ease of removal in the instance of flood and also for environmental sustainability purposes. The concept for the exterior and interior design of the Cafe/Kiosk is a raw, recycled and industrial feel infused with a traditional Queanbeyan heritage aesthetic.

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