Community Architecture



Palmerston Community Centre


Replacing a temporary building, the new centre (officially opened 6 Sept 2006) provides a main meeting room with sprung timber floor for functions and indoor activities, a kitchen and carpeted second meeting room. A small office is also provided.

A large playground opens off the main meeting room and its partly roofed pergola shelters a landscaped courtyard suitable for playgroups and for celebratory events to be held at the Centre.

The architecture is generated from a rotated square plan form with a simple yet interesting roof structure. The brickwork is embellished with patterns that tie in with the window framing layout, that, with skylights and internal windows, bring light and life into the Centre.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Low energy use resulting in moderate utility bills are essential components of community architecture. Excellent day lighting, a north facing orientation with suitabily wide eaves, modest ceiling heights to minimise heating and a range of water saving measures have been used.

The north facing roof has been retrofitted with solar cells feeding electricity back into the grid.