Ashley Martins

Ashley Martins

Ashley Martins

AdvDipBldgDes, GSAP, Affiliate RAIA

Senior Architectural Technician

Ashley provides high level support to the senior professionals. He develops and resolves design documentation and co-ordinates input from internal and external contributors. From time to time he performs as the architect’s representative on site. He understands the project process very well and operates with a high level of communication skills.


Ashley joined SQC Architecture in 2009. He is a conscientious and goal oriented senior technician who also helps manage the CAD team and technical library. In 2015 he choose to complement and extend his skills by studying Architecture part time at the University of Canberra.

Ashley is a keen contributor who loves a challenge, and being part of a team that solves problems together. He has observed that when the issue at hand is held in tension by the whole team, a solution bounces out of the process.

Ash also appreciates the fluid medium of sketching. This is sometimes the starting point for his building documentation.


Ashley has always liked puzzles, the fun of moving pieces around to find what fits. He discovered early on this is not a linear process.

Ashley believes architects have succeeded when their designs engage with culture in exciting ways that promote community and relationship. When this is achieved with natural materials that also help people connect with the environment, he is most impressed.

Martin Luther King’s belief that ‘The greatest gift a person has is the ability to serve another’ resonates with Ashley. He is encouraged to think that architects are essentially serving the community by creating functional, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing buildings that work long term for the end users.

Before the workday has started Ashley attends to the business of getting some serious exercise having found his fitness niche at Boot Camp.