Lexi Monaghan

Lexi Monaghan

Lexi Monaghan

Advanced Diploma of Interior Design

interior designer

Lexi is an enthusiastic interior designer in SQC Architecture. We are benefiting from Lexi’s fresh and creative approach to design.


Entering through a door can hold surprises of great benefit and that is exactly what occurred when Lexi accidentally entered the interview room for Interior Design rather than Fashion Design prior to her study at CIT. Post interview Lexi arranged to do some work experience in an Interior Design business and her enjoyment of that set her on a new path.

Lexi’s eye for detail and her interest in the added extras that enrich interior spaces makes her adept at selecting artworks and curios and she is particularly enhancing aged care and child care centres with what she selects.

Lexi’s years working in a fabric and haberdashery store have developed her colour knowledge, allowing her to create harmonious colour schemes. Being called upon to advise and assist customers in the selection of fabrics has only strengthened Lexi’s ability to liaise and collaborate sensitively with clients.


Away from work Lexi’s love of design continues as she is a passionate quilter and loves anything patchwork related.