Sander de Vries

Sander de Vries

Sander de Vries

Registered Architect ACT

Senior Associate, Senior Architect

Sander is a senior architect. He is a thoughtful and passionate designer who cares deeply about finding the most appropriate and delightful solution to any given brief. Sander is also very thorough and works strongly with the project stakeholders and specialist contributors to ensure careful resolution of all technical and regulatory requirements.


Sander worked for SQC Architecture from 2007-12 as a senior technician before returning to take up a project architect role in 2014. In 2016, he became a senior architect. He is a highly collaborative team player with the ability to combine the strengths of good communication and management skills, technical knowledge and design flair. He credits his success to equally valuing and honing these capabilities.

A natural curiosity also serves Sander well. It fosters an inquiring mind and facilitates the solutions that are to be found by fully exploring and coming to understand a concept or problem.


Some people have a strong career goal from an early age and never waiver from it. Sander is one of them. He knew at the age of eight that he wanted to be an architect. It was around this time that he was master planning sports centres and drawing house plans. Eventually he taught himself linear perspective drawing skills at age ten.

Sander favours Tectonic Brick architecture. Buildings that best exemplify this are the Kollhoff Turm at the Potzdamer Platz in Berlin and the Pireaus building on the KNSM island in Amsterdam. Sander appreciates the work of Hans Kollhoff for its firm connections to this particular type of architecture. He will always aspire to brings a similar finesse and understanding of detailed design to his work.

Salvador Dali insists ‘Have no fear of perfection, [because] you’ll never reach it.’ This inspires Sander because it is an adage that allows him to keep learning and reaching for goals in life as well as in the art form that is architecture.

In his spare time Sander enjoys seeing his young kids explore the world. The world seen through the eyes of children is a fascinating tactile one, that has many similarities to architectural experience.