Calvary Chapel – Chifley ACT

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Project Brief

Following encouraging growth and expanding demands for educational ministries to children and adults Calvary Chapel determined to expand the current facilities at Chifley ACT. The additions would serve training programs and Sunday School activities, facilitate children and youth programs and the supplement existing social service ministries to the community.


Taking inspiration from the existing tasteful architectural style of the original building an articulated extension to the north delivers five variable multi-purpose spaces together with small kitchen amenities and storage. The Sunday School rooms and larger meeting room include operable walls to offer varying sized rooms for varying sized groups.

A high pitched gable roof over the larger meeting room and common area offers natural light source and integrates the building form with a similar existing larger gable feature over the Chapel.

The extensions will include supplementary carparking with shade trees and modest landscaping.

Client comment/ testimonial

“…SQCA were involved from design, through DA approval, tender process, as well as construction to completion. Not only did SQC Architecture have a desire to help us realise our vision for the Centre they also had a good understanding of the unique requirements of a non-profit faith based organisation.


We have received multiple compliments on the Education Centre from within and outside the Church. SQC Architecture’s design met all of our requirements, and delivered a very attractive and functional building. We are very pleased with the result.


We would like to thank Ric and Sander de Vries for the invaluable support, knowledge and recommendations throughout the entire process. We have no hesitation in recommending SQC Architecture to any prospective clients.…”

Jonathan Downs

Senior Pastor

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