Sydney Building – reconstruction

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Project Brief

The Sydney Building in Civic is a collection of abutting and partly overlapping two and three storey buildings originally built in the 1920s. The individual lots, typically comprising two column bays through to the lane at the rear, were sold and built individually to a government provided plan and elevations, giving the appearance of a single building. Together with the matching Melbourne building, it has since gained heritage status with the 2011 Draft Conservation management Plan applied to both the exterior, parts of the interior and also to Verity Lane which bifurcates the two halves of the building.

A major fire event in February 2014 destroyed one “building” and both fire, water and smoke damage has occurred to other adjacent “buildings”.

Ryter Management are responsible to the insurers for the repair and rebuilding of four buildings comprising of up to nine tenancies.

Ryter Management required architectural assistance with:

  • Scope development
  • Reinstatement vs new works
  • Satisfaction of heritage, certification, ESDD requirements
  • BCA 2014 obligations
  • Co-ordinated response on behalf of multiple building owners/insurers he has been engaged by.

SQC Architecture’s solution

SQCA provided reports identifying scope and documentation for re-instatement and new works and associated consultative services and coordination with the Ryter Management appointed team of consultants. SQCA liaised with the local Development Directorate including the ACT Heritage section, building owner representative, Crawford and Company during the documentation stage to ensure aligned outcomes for both the insurer, building owner expectations and compliance. SQCA have involvement during the construction stage to assist with meeting ACT Heritage and BCA compliance.

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