UnitingCare Mayflower Village Masterplan, Gerringong NSW

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Project Brief

Mayflower Village is a 30+ year old aged care service that is located at 61 Belinda Street Gerringong, NSW. It consists of 101 Individual Living Units – ILUs (Mayflower Village), an 80 bed Nursing Home (John & Helen Robinson), a 58 bed Hostel (Pioneer Lodge) and a 25 bed Dementia Hostel (Boronia House). The J & H Robinson Nursing Home is nearing the end of its life whilst Pioneer Lodge and Boronia House are deemed non-compliant to UC Ageing’s current standards for service delivery. These elements are the major catalyst for the site’s redevelopment with a focus on providing a new Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF).

The redevelopment of the Residential Aged Care services provides an opportunity for whole of site improvement. Site circulation, access and parking have been identified as major site issues with the current layout. Roads & pathways, administration, service and community facilities will need to be repositioned, replaced and upgraded to acknowledge the new master plan arrangement.

The ongoing operation of the site during this process places certain constraints on its redevelopment. A requirement of the Brief is to maximise the number of operational beds and existing independent living units during all stages of the project.


On the basis of project the brief, analysis work of the existing site was undertaken to allow for masterplanning of the overall village. The focus of the masterplanning was for the development of a new RACF. Several master planning options were developed, tested and reviewed with UCA with a focus on maintaining as many ILUs with the insertion of the new facility. The selected location of the RACF makes use of the undeveloped portion of the site which allows the maintaining of existing bed numbers in the nursing home, hostel and Dementia hostel and existing internal road network. The location forms strong pedestrian links to the central part of the site where there is opportunity for redevelopment in the form of multilevel ILUs and a central village market green.

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