Community // Churches


SQC Architecture specialise in Community Architecture requiring high levels of inclusive consultation with project stake holders. We are good listeners and respect and value the input of all team participants.

We use our understanding of community groups to establish a regular dialogue with the project officer and user representatives. Our experience has accumulated across a range of community building types, including not-for-profit service providers, churches and public infrastructure by government.


SQC architecture have assisted many church communities over 20+ years and have an excellent understanding of the needs and challenges faced faith communities

Successful church architectural solutions combine the aspirations of faith communities to:

  • Reflect aspects of the character of God in their building;
  • Provide multi-purpose functionality to many rooms;
  • Achieve value for money;
  • Demonstrate wise stewardship of resources; and
  • Act with integrity in all dealings.

These aspirations are often carried by an appointed committee who are given responsibility for the project. High levels of consultation are needed with the various groups who will use (and pay for) the new facilities.

Ric, Lisa and Nicholas are long time church members themselves and understand the challenges and processes that church communities face with new or expanding developments.