We are experienced in consulting and guiding stakeholders through all stages of a project, whether it be a new fitout or a refurbishment dealing with occupied spaces and existing conditions. We provide a culture of listening and communication and this is our pathway to finding holistic, functional and co-ordinated solutions acceptable to all parties.

Through training and previous project experience we have developed a good working knowledge of the BCA and the related standards on issues such as, Fire safety, equitable Access for people with disabilities, health and amenity and energy conservation (section J).

Our government-specific expertise includes:

  • Production of layouts that facilitate relocation of staff via temporary locations to ensure uninterrupted work before moving to the refurbished or newly constructed accommodation;
  • Producing Blocking and Stacking diagrams to capture organisational structures and relationships;
  • Formulating Return Briefs with incorporated facility Data Sheets;
  • Design of standardised workstation and storage components that address end user’s needs and entitlements;
  • Furniture specifications for tendering and procurement;
  • Incorporating security requirements for storage and personal (Security Compartmented Information Facility), and
  • Designing workstation layouts for large organisations rolling out multiple floor renovations.