The SQC Approach

At SQC Architecture, we always work with our client to achieve the best possible outcome without losing sight of the key project factors: quality, time and cost. We also add value through the innovative use of finishes, out-of-the-box design approaches and bespoke methods of responding to client requirements.

Our business is people focussed. Our people are our biggest asset and we actively develop our team through ongoing mentoring and the provision of growth opportunities. We encourage emerging professionals to work with us to obtain valuable industry experience and this approach has led to our exceptional mix of talents. The resulting combination of youthful enthusiasm and wise heads offer the best that the design profession can produce.

We have a collaborative team culture which enables us to offer excellent value for money. We actively listen to our clients to understand their needs, help refine their vision for the project and unearth complexities that might otherwise frustrate the development. We then prepare return briefs that fully capture the scope of the project vision with all its complexities. These collaborative return briefs form the foundation of every project at SQC Architecture.

Our approach enables SQC Architecture to deliver outstanding value for money through tailored outcomes that 100% satisfy our client needs.